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Passion for Identity

Simplifying the Complex

Everyone has their identity, their fingerprint.

Companies are made up of people, and thus each company has its unique identity.

That's why we are Perspectiva Com Digital.

We want to understand the unique identity of individuals and businesses to convey that essence to their customers.

Assim conseguimos fazer a sua jornada ser única e representar o que você tem de mais importante: Your unique identity!

We are even more fulfilled when we hear back from our clients saying they are getting more results and are happy with the delivery we provided.

Every business is unique, and we are here to help give a voice to your business!

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Throughout all our years of activity, we've learned that for something to work, it needs to be simple for the people using the solutions we bring to our clients!

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Projects delivered for websites, online stores, systems, and applications.

Differentiation as a Key Factor

Capture Your Customers' Attention

In an increasingly digital business landscape, online presence has become indispensable for the success of any business. Besides providing constant visibility and facilitating expansion into new markets, a well-developed website is a virtual business card that builds credibility, demonstrates professionalism, and offers an efficient communication platform. This digital presence not only simplifies information search for potential customers but also establishes a competitive advantage, standing out as an active marketing tool available 24/7 online and driving the acquisition of new customers in a world where the first impression often happens online.


Show how your company stands out in the market and attract new customers.


Enhance your brand perception and generate new opportunities.

Sell More

Strategically use your website and increase sales opportunities for your team.


Passion Requires Creativity.

Visualizing something new requires thinking beyond the obvious, listening to the customer, and connecting with their essence.

processo criativo no quadro

Imagine the Impossible.

The best creations come from innovative thoughts that haven't been combined before.


criatividade com café

Creativity with Results.

This combination helps us bring high-impact solutions to our clients and achieve more results.


sessão de brainstorm criativo
Positioning is the Silent Force Behind Every Successful Business.
Ricardo Rekowsky
Founder Perspectiva Com Digital
Details That Make All the Difference

Direct Founders' Support

Your success is our commitment. We, the founders and coordinators of Perspective, will be personally available. We are committed to the success of your business, staying close and attentive to your market.

Validated Layout

Imagine a light and pleasant design that makes visitors flow through the site. We place various calls to action that prompt customers to contact, highlighting security and modernity as essential priorities for their online experience.

Adaptation to Devices

We create a user experience adapted to each device - computers, tablets, and phones - to ensure the site is accessible and easy to use anywhere.

Consolidated Technologies

We use established and reliable technologies to ensure minimal maintenance of your site, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the success of your business.

Fast Loading

A fast loading website is essential to stand out in search engines. That's why we ensure that your site is optimized for the best possible speed, helping you achieve top positions in searches.

Editable Content by You

You gain autonomy to publish content whenever you want - products, news, blog - without needing technical help. It's easy, fast, and accessible!

Connection with Your Audience

We create the content of your site based on a guided conversation, using the specific language of your market. A professional and modern approach that establishes a direct connection with your target audience.

Instant Communication

We establish a direct channel between the customer and the company, increasing the speed of service. The chat can also be directed to your phone, ensuring efficient and close communication, even via WhatsApp.

Attraction and Conversion

Transform Contacts into Opportunities. Dynamic forms attract and qualify potential customers, turning contacts into budget requests and sales.

Constant Update

Your site won't be left to chance. We offer monthly maintenance plans to ensure your site operates perfectly and stays in top conditions.

SSL Security Certificate

When we are responsible for hosting your site, we bring this security certificate that protects entered data in any area of the site.

Daily Backup

If something goes wrong, you don't need to worry. We keep a complete daily backup of the site for all clients hosted with us, ensuring the security and continuity of your virtual space.

Relentless Protection

Our monitoring and protection system keeps your site safe from opportunistic attacks by hackers and viruses. Rest assured, as we are committed to the security of your online space. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Enchanting Solutions

You are one contact away
from starting to change your business.

We understand that each business has a unique identity, a goal, and a stage in its existence journey. Therefore, we present differentiated solutions for your current moment within your need for presence.

desenvolvimento website

Website Development

For those companies that have not yet established an online presence or seek an option that inspires confidence, we create customized websites for various segments. After all, we know that a well-designed website is crucial in the consumer's decision when choosing a company, hiring services, or buying products. We are here to give the spotlight your business deserves.

Sales Pages (Landing Pages)

Landing pages are created for a specific action, such as capturing contact information or promoting a product. They play a crucial role in converting visitors into customers, being a key element for effective marketing campaigns.

Online Stores

If you are thinking of launching your online store, we provide an exclusive sales platform, fully integrated with various payment methods. We offer personalized training so you can manage your store with ease.

Customer Attraction (Paid Traffic)

Just launching your website or online store does not automatically or magically attract new customers with the desired profile, so you need to attract the right customers. Paid traffic means bringing qualified visitors to your website or store through online ads. This strategy is essential to increase visibility and attract relevant customers quickly and effectively.

Custom Apps
(Web and Mobile Apps)

The development of web and mobile applications goes beyond simple functionalities; it's about solving specific and personalized needs, either in improving internal processes or delivering adapted products and services. We are here to develop solutions that exactly meet the unique demands of your business, providing a personalized experience to your users.

Connecting with the Essence

Experience to Generate Results

Our process involves deeply understanding your business and communicating it in a simple, direct, and innovative way. Through this method, we have assisted companies in expanding their online presence, boosting sales, and achieving superior results by converting users into customers, following the three steps below.

Impactful Presence

We design an innovative website with a modern and striking aesthetic. We develop all the texts and content to make your brand more desirable.

Design and Compelling Stories

Imagine a new website with a modern look that makes people stop and pay attention. Additionally, we write all the content to make your brand irresistible.

Attracting the Right Customers

We create a digital environment where your audience feels valued. Imagine contacts that truly matter and high-quality leads.

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